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"People You May Know" opens Philadephia LGTB fest

People You May Know Opens the qFlix – Philadelphia LGTB Film Festival today July 5th in front of a large audience of over 1,000 people. The movie has been chose to be one of the center pieces of the festival where one of the main actors, Mark Cirillo, will be honored for his career in LGTB movies.

“Life is not always a comedy and it is not always a drama, it is a mix. And in my projects [like PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW]. I like to play with that” explained director/screenwriter J. C. Falcon. And mix it up he does focusing on four main characters, all nearing 40 and dealing with various issues, frustrations, ambitions, disappointments and challenges in everything from their love relationships, whether gay or straight, single or married, to careers, parenthood, friendships, sexual identities and even kinkier fantasies.

The cast includes Sean Maher as Joe, the always horny, sex junkie looking for the next app hookup; Andrea Grano as Delia, married but yearning for motherhood; Nacho San Jose as Rodrigo, professional, sterile and struggling to retain his manhood; and Mark Cirillo, workaholic, geeky, ready to give up looking for Mr. Right. Who finds love? Who finds sex? Who loses out? Among the gang of four, there’s enough betrayal, mistrust, misjudgments, mistakes, secrets, surprises to make you laugh one minute and cry the next, much like a good soap opera plot.

LA Panda produced the film in co-production with Spanish-based Ponyfilms.

People You May Know is being distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures for domestic territories and helping as well for international VOD.

More festival dates are close to come up and we will share them with you via our Facebook profile.

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