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'nobody’s watching' travels to Miami International Film Festival

LA Panda Productions will take part in the upcoming Miami International Film Festival with Julia Solomonoff’s nobody’s watching. Our first Latin American co-production will be present at the Encuentrossection - Work in Progress on March 10th and 11th in Miami.

The film is now being edited and in this event we’ll present a new cut which is the result of the work of the director and producers from Argentina, Colombia, United States and our partners in France, Spain and Brazil. The film focuses on Nico, an Argentine actor who after some success in television in Argentina emigrates to New York to star in a Mexican director’s movie. The shooting fails, but Nico decides to stay in town anyway in order to pursue his career. Too blond to play a Latino and a too strong an accent to play an American, Nico can’t find work as an actor and must juggle to survive: from renting apartments to tourists or working as a waiter to babysitting.

During these past weeks we’ve presented fragments and materials of the film at the European Film Market, where we have also met with some of the international sales agents with which we usually work.

We don’t have an official date for nobody’s watching release yet-- but we’ll keep you posted as we are confident that the film will have a prominent space this coming 2016.

nobody’s watching is produced by CEPA Audiovisuales, MadLove, Taiga, Aleph Motion Pictures, Miss Wasabi and LA Panda Productions. The film has received the support of Proimágenes Colombia, Ancine and the Ibermedia program.

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