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'Inside the Box' shortlisted for Spanish Academy Awards

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain has made public the list of fifteen short films that will participate in the 30th edition of the Goya Awards 2016. We’re proud to announce that Inside the Box, a short film produced by LA Panda, is part of this selection.

Inside the box is a project born from the idea of a feature film, A Texas Story, a LA Panda and Diagonal TV coproduction which is currently in the process of financing. In both cases, the script was written by director David Martin Porras and Julia Fontana, both members of LA Panda.

Inside the Box tells the story of Matt, a Texan cop who receives the visit of the local District Attorney, and finds himself answering questions about an incident that hadn’t been reported. Two nights earlier Matt arrested a young man at the door of a night club, and that led to a bloody fight that he didn’t report. Why did Matt hide what happened? If you want to find it out, you can go straight to the public Vimeo link.

"The legal background of the story came after reading an article in which a man, HIV positive, was sentenced to 35 years in prison in Dallas for spitting at a policeman while he was being detained. I could not believe that in 2012 there could still be laws like this, but it is true that 35 states in the US punish HIV transmission regardless of scientific facts" - David Martin-Porras, director of Inside The Box.

The film stars Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau and Regina King, recent Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actress in American Crime.

The reading of the nominees will be on December 14 at the headquarters of the Academy in Madrid, and the ceremony will be held on February 6 with actor Dani Rovira presenting the gala.

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