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The Contract

/ el alquiler

Directed by Pablo Gomez-Castro


Producer: Elisa Lleras


Director of Photography: Jon Aguirresarobe

Production Designer: Adam Nungester


Cast: Daniel Grao, Javier Rey, Manuela Vellés

LA Panda Productions in co-production with Blue Hats Creative and in association with Movistar +

About the project

Written and directed by Pablo Gomez-Castro (co-writer of Cristobal Balenciaga's biopic), and starring Daniel Grao, Javier Rey and Manuela Vellés, The Contract tells the story of a couple who, whilst in the middle of their fight to find a surrogate mother in Russia, realize there’s a deep wound in their relationship.

Behind the scenes

Seminci, Medina del Campo, Huelva Int Film Festival, Seattle Int Film Festival, New Filmmakers Los Angeles, Cineuphoria Awards

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