The Chain


Directed by David Martin Porras


Producer: Elisa Lleras

Director of Photography: Phil Klucsarits


Production Designer: Nina Caussa

Cast: John Patrick Amedori, Madeline Zima, Jamie Clayton, Neus Asensi, Adrienne Barbeau and Ray Wise

About the project

The Chain is the latest film  directed by Spanish Academy Award nominee David Martin Porras, starring John Patrick Amedori, Madeline Zima, Jamie Clayton, Adrianne Baudreau and Ray Wise. The thriller tells the story of Mike, a young doctor who upon finding out that he has the same neurological disease as his father, decides to enter a chain of assisted suicides, which operates under one rule: if you want to die, you must kill someone first.


The Chain is a LA Panda coproduction with Kamel Films, Malvalanda and Sin Puerto Producciones, in association with Travieso Dreams, Pony Films, Bobby Ralston and Gibmaric Investments.


Release Date:
Coming Soon

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