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Elisa is a creative producer with extensive experience in scripted content. A Columbia University MFA Film graduate, Elisa has produced for La Panda films such as “Nobody’s Watching” by director Julia Solomonoff (Tribeca Jury Award winner 2017), “The Chain” directed by Spanish Academy Award nominee David Martin Porras, or "Tu Me Manques” (Bolivia Film Academy’s selection for the 2020 Foreign Language Oscars). She also Executive Produced the NY unit of HBO Spain's show "30 Coins".


Elisa is also a Production Executive at Spectrevision / Company X, the production company owned by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Lisa Whalen. She has Executive Produced among others the feature film “Bitch”, by Marianna Palka (Sundance 2017), “Two Sentence Horror Stories” (online series for Time Warner’s Stage 13), “Daniel Isn’t Real” (SXSW 2019), “Color out of Space”, starring Nicolas Cage (Toronto 2020) and produced the podcast "Visitations" for Shutter.

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