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70 Big Ones 

(aka 70 Binladens)

In theaters March 8th, 2019


Directed by Koldo Serra


Producers: Nahikari Ipiña for Sayaka Producciones


Executive producers: Elia Urquiza, Pau Brunet, Carolina Bang

Cast: Emma Suarez, Hugo Silva, Nathalie Poza


In '70 Binladens', Emma Suárez is Raquel, a desperate woman in need of 35,000 euros (or seventy 500 hundred bills, known on the street as ¨binladens¨).

She is about to get what she needs through a vacation bank loan when two robbers interrupt the transaction, putting her in an impossible situation. Is she the robber or is she the victim? All she knows is that she needs that money, no matter the price. 


Release Date:
March 8th 2019

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