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(aka 30 MONEDAS)

Produced by Pokeepsie Films for HBO Max
Production services in the US by La Panda


Directed by Alex de la Iglesia


La Panda producers: Elia Urquiza, Elisa Lleras

Cast: Eduard Fernandez, Paul Giamatti, 


Father Vergara is an exorcist and ex-convict residing in the small Spanish town of Pedraza, attempting to move on from a troubled past. However, paranormal phenomena start taking place in the town and he will need the help of Paco, the mayor, and Elena, the town's veterinarian, to figure out a mystery seemingly related to a coin he owns, which might be one of the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus and handing him over to the Romans. The three will find themselves caught in the middle of a conspiracy involving the Holy See itself and threatening the world as we know it.

Release Date:


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