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Como la espuma

Directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo


Executive Producers: Pau Brunet & Rafael Alvarez


Producer: Carlo D'Ursi & David Krohnert


Associated Producers: Guillermo Escalona, Néstor Ruiz Medina, Iñaki Ochoa, Ana Puentes

Director of Photography: José Martín Rosete

Cast: Diego Martinez, Sara Salamo, Daniel Muriel, Carlo D'Ursi, Nacho San José, Miguel Diosdado, Pepe Ocio, Elisa Matilla.


An old mansion. A plan set to fall apart. An impromptu orgy. And suddenly, an outburst of love stories, heartbreak, reunions and discovery.

From sunrise to sunset, fifteen characters live a sexual and emotional experience that will change their lives forever.



"I want to keep playing with what fascinates me as a writer and director: creating stories of connections and characters in which the actors’ work is the main raw material. This time I’m doing it with a wrapper that strikes me as compelling, inviting the viewer to an orgy. Yes, a collective sexual activity in which there is apparently no room for love. But what are you going to do, love always manages to make its way...”

Roberto Pérez Toledo, director

Release Dates

Spain Jun 2, 2017 




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